Our services
Restaurant and POS systems
أنظمة المطاعم ونقاط البيع

Developing, equipping and training customers on cloud accounting programs with international and advanced systems and standards. We also provide all the technical solutions that restaurants and cafes need, such as point-of-sale devices and accessories, numbering and waiting systems, and self-service pagers.

Audio and video systems
الأنظمة الصوتية والمرئية

Supply and installation of sound systems for all uses, such as restaurants, schools, halls, companies and mosques, and processing sound and image transmission systems remotely for educational uses in universities and others.

fingerprint systems
أنظمة البصمة

Supplying and installing fingerprint devices for attendance and departure with special programs that give complete monthly, weekly or daily reports on the movement of attendance and departure for employees and students, with the possibility of linking the fingerprints of the branches to the main center remotely.

كاميرات المراقبة

Supply and installation of all types of fixed and mobile surveillance cameras with high accuracy, starting from 2 mega pixels to 8 mega pixels

Fire alarm systems
أنظمة إنذار واطفاء الحريق

Supply and installation of central early warning systems, central fire extinguishing systems and stations approved by the Civil Defense and modern international systems.

أنظمة التفتيش

All inspection systems for individuals, baggage and vehicles approved in airports, hotels and public companies.

الشبكات السلكية واللاسلكية

We carry out wired and wireless networks for buildings and connect wireless branches with microwave technology


Supplying all types of exchanges with the Analog system and the modern Voip system, which supports many features such as cloud branches, call recording and customer service system

أنظمة المنزل الذكي

Implementation of the latest smart home systems to control curtains, lighting, air conditioning, sound system, etc. remotely using advanced wireless systems without extensions at home

أنظمة انذار السرقة

Supply and installation of an anti-theft alarm system, an excellent Canadian industry. These systems operate with an advanced wired or wireless system that prevents theft, God willing, instead of treating its effects through sensors distributed in the place

أنظمة التحكم بالدخوال والخروج

Implementation of people access control systems through fingerprint or face devices, in addition to entry gates for cars of all kinds

أنظمة تتبع المركبات

Track your vehicles via mobile at the cheapest cost with a small vehicle tracking device. Truck tracking devices are also available with a weight sensor, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Transport

Scientific Network

Experience more than
12 years

The Scientific Network Corporation was established in 2010 and has been dedicated to providing professional cadres of engineers, technicians, technical support staff and customer follow-up, in addition to a distinguished team of administrators and sales representatives. There is also an integrated department specialized in wholesale customer service as well as electronic marketing.